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We introduce our superior product line.


Be convenient and accurate

AEGIS SYSTEM is dental CAD/CAM system,
which completes an "All-in-one chairside system"
from 3D S/W and accurate processing device.
The AEGIS SYSTEM is superior Dental CAD/CAM
that will open the new era of unlike
other Digital Dentistry..

Simple, quick

Based on usability and accuracy from a long period
of research, AEGIS SYSTEM guarantees 1 HOUR
Treatment. DDS held source technology that
can provide a tailor made solution in any environment.

stable compatibility

AEGIS SYSTEM can easily integrate with other
devices. This tailor made solution guarantees
productivity and economy in expenditures
and furnish desired solutions to clients

3D printer fabricates temporary crown with
one single click.
By one click
A temporary crown can be printed by using a compact 3D printer
with a single click.It is easy to modify the data and
print an accurate temporary crown.
Output full arch within 20 minutes

In order to increase the utilization of CAD / CAM system,
the full arch restoration can be outputted in 20 minutes,
and kept faster DLP method output rate.
Depending on the variety and easy removal of the
photo-curable resin material intensity and color and all
eding Depending on Photopolymer resin material,
contains various intensity and colors, adding and deleting
is also simple that allows anyone can easy to use.

The true Digital 3D printer solutions is
capable output by one click

3D printer has developed as to be more progressive, able to create better
sophisticated restoration. Temporary tooth production progress and costs were
dissatisfied, the issue has been simplified, enough to overcome, and precision of
tooth required remarkable level.
When material development has concluded in time, in this stage, you will be able
to output permanent restoration durability which is similar to temporary tooth.