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We introduce our superior product line.


Be convenient and accurate

AEGIS SYSTEM is dental CAD/CAM system,
which completes an "All-in-one chairside system"
from 3D S/W and accurate processing device.
The AEGIS SYSTEM is superior Dental CAD/CAM
that will open the new era of unlike
other Digital Dentistry..

Simple, quick

Based on usability and accuracy from a long period
of research, AEGIS SYSTEM guarantees 1 HOUR
Treatment. DDS held source technology that
can provide a tailor made solution in any environment.

stable compatibility

AEGIS SYSTEM can easily integrate with other
devices. This tailor made solution guarantees
productivity and economy in expenditures
and furnish desired solutions to clients

Milling machine makes quick and
efficient treatment possible with its six axis.
Faster and more effective.
Treatment can be completed within one hour.
To minimize microcracks, two spindles mill the restoration using a grinding method.
The fast milling time will bring satisfaction to operators and patients alike,
increasing the competitiveness of your clinic.
Esthetic Ceramic can be processed quickly

With the milling method, the ceramic material may cause
micro cracks. Lithium disilicate and glass ceramic
material shows decent esthetic characteristics. However,
through of difficulty in processing condition, those
materials are rarely used. Nonetheless, the wet grinding
method can prepare a strong and esthetic restoration.

One hour treatment, great impact beyond your imagination

The one hour treatment time can greatly enhance apabilities of
the dental clinic. Considering the higher to the cost of a
conventional restoration, this product can process esthetic
restorations and operate on a patient at a more affordable cost.
The user can feel the financial impact immediately after buying
AEGIS.HM. Moreover, operators and patients will be enthusiastic
about the one-hour treatment team, without requiring any follow up.