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We introduce our superior product line.


Be convenient and accurate

AEGIS SYSTEM is dental CAD/CAM system,
which completes an "All-in-one chairside system"
from 3D S/W and accurate processing device.
The AEGIS SYSTEM is superior Dental CAD/CAM
that will open the new era of unlike
other Digital Dentistry..

Simple, quick

Based on usability and accuracy from a long period
of research, AEGIS SYSTEM guarantees 1 HOUR
Treatment. DDS held source technology that
can provide a tailor made solution in any environment.

stable compatibility

AEGIS SYSTEM can easily integrate with other
devices. This tailor made solution guarantees
productivity and economy in expenditures
and furnish desired solutions to clients

One scan allows deep and
wide depth of tooth just by using intraoral scanner.
Accurate Scans.
Intraoral Scan can make accurate scans with fewer passes,
stitching the scans together into an realistic image.
Deeper, Wider, and immediate.
Without impression distortion, our intraoral scanner is able to scan
various cases easily with 14x21mm field of view and 12mm depth of focus at once.
Unlike the video recording method for a
single restoration, the scanner guarantees
model scanner level accuracy for other long
bridge cases

By shooting a large area in a short time, as for shape analysis of
extensive scan data, the scanner can shot long case optical
impressions without distortion by means of having an extensive
comparison area. Try achieving overall tooth scan data and using
digital solution in various fields!

Wide FOV, Deep DOF!

The amazing depth of AEGIS PO can scan enough
gingival area with only occlusal scanning. Furthermore,
shooting speed takes only 0.3 seconds sharp and the large
shooting area can minimize inconvenience to patient and operator,

Various size tip, various kinds of rest,
and oral antifogging technology

The scanner has a compact tube tip that is designed to scan a
narrow oral area and various rests that can be directly
set on surfaces of teeth according to teeth shapes.
Oral anti-fogging technology can scan the oral cavity,
where is difficult to make an optical impression because of
patient’s breath, without having suction.