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The total solution of Digital Dentistry

As the leading company in the digital dental industry,DDS will have a prosperous future.

Welcome to DDS.
We sincerely appreciate We sincerely appreciate.

DDS was established under a concept of 'Valuable and precision management' in the
dental industry.Additionally, since the establishment of DDS, our performance, passion,
and experience have been contributing to the Korean dental industry.

Our experience and performance are allowing us to double our effort dynamically in a
fluctuating global dentistry market; based on our capacity, we are ready and willing to
develop the world leading techniques of Korea to become the kernel
of the global dental industry.

The level we are chasing is 'Zero defect equipment with best service' through busimess
environment management improvement condition and harmony with state of the art
tech. We will be at the top of the dynamic digital dental market with the mindset of
meeting the endless challenges and endeavors.

CEO   Moon Jung Bon